AngularJS Tutorial Series

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AngularJS is a Javascript framework that provides Model-View-Controller structure to your front-end web applications. It is open-source and is maintained by Google. Initially release in 2009, it is now starting to become popular. And from my experience with it, I predict that it is going to become even more popular in the future. I found it to be quite well-done and its two-way data-binding is somewhat of a game-changer with a new paradigm shift in thinking — it reminds me of what jQuery did for Javascript.

They called it Angular because of all the angular brackets in HTML.  The idea of Angular is that it is declarative HTML.

Here are a series of tutorials that progress from very beginning to more advanced. They are meant to be done in sequence with one tutorial directly following the next. We start out from scratch with a regular HTML page, then we build an shopping list application and learn useful concepts along the way.

  1. Beginning Angular Tutorial
  2. Angular ng-submit directive
  3. Installing Batarang for AngularJS
  4. Using Batarang to debug AngularJS
  5. ng-model should have a dot
  6. Displaying model in AngularJS
  7. Using Angular Module
  8. Why Minification breaks Angular
  9. Using the “Controller as” syntax
  10. AngularJS ng-click and ng-class