Why getting Account details email from Drupal?

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If you created a Drupal 8 blog, you might got an email from your Drupal site with the subject line “Account detailpending admin approval” and saying something like so-and-so “has applied for an account.

This occurs when someone tries to create an account on your Drupal site.  They do this by clicking the “Login” link in upper right and then the “Create new account” tab as shown…


Drupal Register account

Drupal Register account


Even if you remove the Login link in your theme, they can still get to the create account page by going to the address /user/register/

But fortunately, Drupal does not let the account be created until you as admin approves it.   Most likely this is a spammer trying to see if they can create an account on your Drupal site to post spam content.   If that is the case, do not approve the account.  Delete it.

You delete the pending account by going to “People” menu in the Drupal dashboard, click “edit” for the account, and click “Cancel” account at the bottom.

If you get a lot of these email notifications, then your site must be pretty popular.  You might want to remove the ability for user to register accounts.