How to Set Your Business Name in PayPal

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When a user clicks on your “Buy Now” or a “Donate” button on your site, they will be redirected to a PayPal hosted page in which they can pay with PayPal or input their credit card number.

At the top of this PayPal hosted page is your name or your Business name.  You can specify what name to display there by configuring it in your PayPal account.  By setting up a Business name and answering some questions about your business during the setup process, you are converting your personal PayPal account into a Business PayPal account.

This tutorial will show you how to set up this business name in your PayPal account.

1.  Go to and log into your PayPal account

2.  Click “Profile” link in the top navigation menu.

3.  You will see a page of links.  Find and click the link “Business Information”.  By filling out this business information, you are in effect converting your personal PayPal account into a business account.  The field “Business Name” will be the name that is shown to customers in the PayPal hosted page.

4.  If you need to change this Business Name later.  Go back to the “Business Information” page and click on the “Change name” link next to the “Business Contact Name” field.  Then it will give you a choice to change either the “Business Contact Name” or the “Business Name Change”.

5.  Select “Business Name Change” and click Continue.  Then simply change the Business name to your liking.

More information can be found on PayPal site.