How to Learn AngularJS Online

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Here are some resources to help you learn AnuglarJS online.

AngularJS is a Model-View Javascript framework for front-end web applications.  It is maintained by Google.  If you got the basics of HTML, CSS, and Javascript and is ready to start learning and using frameworks for your web app, I think AngularJS is the best Javascript framework to start learning first. has an online course Up and Running with AngularJS (you can see preview of excerpt from the link).

On the official site, there is the basic getting started tutorial on their home page and a more extensive developer tutorial.

Here is a YouTube video on Intro AngularJS + Dependency Injection that is over an hour long…

Here is another in about 60-ish minutes…

You can find more videos from the AngularJS YouTube channel. has a nice course introducing AngularJS. has video tutorials on AngularJS, some of which are free and some are paid.  The ones that are free are the earlier videos, so you want to sort by earliest.

Microsoft Virtual Academy has like a 4 hour course on Intro to AngularJS.  While some of the demo didn’t go too smoothly, the course is great nevertheless. has a good YouTube video showing how to build a website with Angular and ui-router.

A good debugging tool is the Google chrome extension AngularJS Batarang

Angular-seed can be used as a skeleton starting point template for your AngularJS app.

Yeoman is a modern workflow that can be used with Angular.

Here is article on the use of .factory and .service in Angualar.