Where to Learn backbone.js online

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backbone.js is a Javascript library that gives Model-View structure to your front-end web app.  Here are some resources for you to learn backbone.js online.

There is the primary site backbonejs.org where you get backbone.  But the documentation is technical an is aimed at developers.

Here from YouTube is an explanation of “Why Backbone?”  It is an excerpt of Lynda.com course “Up and Running with Backbone.js

Thomas Davis has a good starting video tutorial on YouTube that is about an hour long.  His tutorial site backbonetutorials.com has beginning, intermediate, and advance tutorials.  And he has an eBook Backbone Tutorials on LeanPub.

CodeSchool.com has a course on Anatomy of BackboneJS (free at the time of this writing).

coenraets.org has a three-part tutorial on building an wine-cellar backbone app.

DailyJS has a backbone.js tutorial that includes setting up your local development environment with giving you code to run nodeJS as a simple http server, and using RequireJS code to load dependencies, and using Grunt (the javascript task runner).