What you need to learn to be a good front-end web developer?

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Mar 17, 2014
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In the old days (like a decade ago), all you need to know to be a good front-end web developer is HTML, CSS, some Javascript, and how to upload them to traditional webhost using FTP.

Now (like in the year 2014), you need to know all that (HTML5, CSS3, Javascript) plus …

  • jQuery – Javascript library
  • Platform as a service cloud hosting (as opposed to traditional webhost)
  • git (as source control and transferring to cloud host)
  • SCSS / LESS (CSS preprocessor)
  • Bootstrap or Foundations front-end framework
  • NodeJS (server-side javascript)
  • ExpressJS (web framework for NodeJS)
  • AngularJS (front-end model-view framework)
  • Jade (templating engine)

Back then we still used tables, then we learn tableless CSS, now you need to know responsive design.  Back then we still were using relational SQL databases such as MySQL.  Now we use schema-less NoSQL databases such as MongoDB.

Things sure has changed.  This post was written in year 2014. If you are reading this a decade later, I can not image what you all are using now.

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