What are these components that come with Foundations 4?

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Foundations 4 is a front-end web framework that is mobile first responsive design.  But it does not support IE8.  It comes with a grid system, typography, and various components.  While some of its components are obvious (such as dropdrown and tooltips), some of its components have interesting sounding names that may not be obvious what they are.  So here is a translation.

  • Clearing component – this is actually a lightbox component where an enlarge image pops up upon click of thumbnail.
  • Orbit – image or content slider (usually placed on the home page)
  • Joyride – tooltip help or tour of new features in user interface for first time visitors
  • Interchange – lets you load high/low resolution image as appropriate based on media queries
  • Abide – form validation with display of errors on form
  • Section – tab interface on desktop view that becomes accordian in mobile view.  Since Foundations 4 is mobile-first, I should say, accordian in mobile view that becomes tab interface on desktop view.

This is not to say that these are the only components that is included.  There are more that I have not covered.