Useful Drupal Modules

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Here are a few Drupal modules that might be useful…

The CKEditor and IMCE makes for a better WYSIWYG user interface for creating posts.

For designers, they might want to add Block Class module which enables them to add css class to a block via the admin interface.

For developers, some like the devel module, theme developer module, and the administration menu.

And the Backup and Migrate module might be useful for backup and migrate of database.

Many people find PathAuto useful for configuring url paths and it requires token.

For a responsive slideshow, you will want to use the FlexSlider module (here are some video about FlexSlider).

While Drupal has a Contact module built in, a more flexible form module is WebForms.

Filebrowser lets you upload files to the web server in a separate directory within Drupal root.  You can upload third party software such as SqlBuddy and eXtplorer.  The only problem is that you can upload one file at a time.

The content construction kit module was also quite popular.  So popular that it was moved into drupal 7 core.  So you don’t need to install it to create new content types anymore.

Similarly Views modules is so useful, that it is now in Drupal 8 core.

For advance configurations that goes beyond the limitation of Drupal 7 core, there are modules like Context, Panels, Page Manager, and Display Suite.

Feed Import module can help get data into nodes.  Redirect performs 301 redirects that you configure.