Tutorial to Create a MySQL database on webhost

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In this tutorial we will create a MySQL database on our webhost.  We are using Hostmonster with cPanel.  Bluehost will be very similar.  Your webhost might be different.

1.  After logging into your webhost CPanel, go to the database section…


2.  Under the Create New Database, enter the database name.  Because this is a shared webhost, the database name will be prefixed with your username.  In our example…


we are creating a database with the database name of “user_joomlaexample”.  Click the “Create Database” button.  This database is going to be used for the Joomla content management system.

3. Create an user for this database.  Again, the username will be prefixed.  In our example …


we are creating an username called “user_joomla”.  Specify a password for this user.  Click the “Create User” button.

4.  Now assign this user to the database…


Click that Add button.

5.  Give full privileges to the database user…


That is it.  We have created a database called “user_joomlaexample” and database user “user_joomla”.  And you had assigned the password for this user.  These are the values to be specified into a content management system like Joomla that requires a database.

database user created