Tutorial on How to Use Google’s Keyword Planner

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1. To use Google’s Keyword Planner to get keyword ideas, log into Adwords and go to “Tools and Analysis -> Keyword Planner”.

2. Under “What would you like to do”, click on “Search for new keywords”

3.  Then enter a product or service.  Since we are in the business of writing tutorials, let’s enter “WordPress tutorials”.

4.  Click “Get ideas” button.

5.  You get results in the “Ad Group Ideas” tab and the “Keyword Ideas” tab.

6. Let’s look at the “Keyword Ideas” tab.  Here you get additional keywords.  In our example, it gave alternative keywords such as “wordpress tutorial” (the singular), “wordpress video tutorials”, “wordpress video tutorial”, etc.

7.  It shows you the average monthly search volumes.  So you can see whether more people search for “wordpress tutorials” or “wordpress tutorial”.   (They happen to search the singular more.)  The purpose is so that you can optimize your Adwords campaign accordingly.   With this information in mind, you can also understand what keywords are best to optimize for on your website pages for SEO purposes.

You can also see how likely people search for certain things.  For example, suppose you are about to write a post about the teas that Peet’s coffee sell.  You can type in “tea peet’s sell” and see if people search for that or not.  If not, you may decide not to write the post afterall.

In addition to showing you search volume, you also see competition level in terms of High, Medium, or Low.  These are advertiser competitors.  High competition means that many advertisers are bidding on ads space of that topic — meaning the ad space is going to be more expensive.  You want to find keywords that have high search volume and low competition.




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