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Full Disk Encryption on Windows 10 with BitLocker

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In this tutorial, we will show you how to do a full disk encryption on Windows 10 Professional using Microsoft BitLocker, which only works on Windows 10 Pro (not Windows 10 Home).  And it is...

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How to see WPA key for WiFi connection in Windows 10

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Here is how to find the WPA key that your Windows 10 is using to connect to your WiFi network. Your Windows 10 is able to connect to your WiFi network.  It may be using a WPA key to connect to your...

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How to capture console output to clipboard

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Have you ever did a console command such as “ls” and it outputs a whole bunch of stuff to the screen that you want to copy and paste to a file.  But it scrolls through many screens. A...

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How to show hidden files and folders in Windows

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To show hidden folder (which are named with a dot as the first character) in Windows 7… 1.  Press Alt while in Windows Explorer.  You will get a menu show up. 2.  Select the menu...

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