Installing Node js on Windows 10

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1. Go to the node site and download the LTS version (Long Term Support)…


2.  Run the msi file that you just downloaded going with the default options.

3. When it finishes, you will see that it just added these apps to your Windows 10…

node apps

4. The first one, we won’t be using in this tutorial.  But if you launched it, to exit it you would do Ctrl-C twice.

5.  We will launch the “Node.js command prompt”.

node command prompt

6.  Typing “node -v” in the command prompt will show you the node version.

7.  Typing node by itself will enter the interactive mode, which you can exit by typing “.exit”.

8. Node comes with npm, a package manager, which you run by typing npm and help page will come up. “npm -v” tells you the version.

9. To exit the node command prompt, type “exit”.