How to uninstall Joomla Plugin

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Let’s say that you want to uninstall a Joomla! plugin that you don’t use.  You know that you should disable it first.  And you did in the “Extensions -> Plugin Manager” as indicated by the red x icon …

Now you want to uninstall it to get it out of the Plugin list and delete it from your file system.  You check the box and looked around, but there is no “uninstall” button.  And yes, you are logged in as super admin.  So you should have the necessary permissions.


As you can see from the above screen shot, you only have the Edit, Enable, Disable, Check In button.  Oh and there is the Help and Options buttons too, but the uninstall was not in there.  You even clicked the “Check In” button making sure there is no lock on the plugin.

To uninstall a Joomla Plugin, you have to go to the “Extension -> Extension Manager” …

Joomla! Extension Manager

Joomla! Extension Manager

Because Plugins are a type of Extension.  And so are Modules, Templates, and Languages.  Extension Manager is one that manages all those (as suggested by the menu separation line in the menu).

After going to Extension Manager, select the “Manage” menu on the left.   Now you can checkmark the plugin and click the Uninstall button.  See the Uninstall button available in the above screenshot.

After uninstall, you should get the message “Uninstalling Plugin was successful”