How to Transfer Domain name from GoDaddy to Webhost

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The general process for transferring a domain name from GoDaddy to your webhost (assuming there is no domain name email attached) are …

  1. Login into GoDaddy and turn privacy protection off
  2. Unlock the domain name
  3. Have GoDaddy send “EPP authorization code” to administrative email on public registrar (make sure that email is correct)
  4. In your webhost, enter that EPP code for the domain you want to transfer in.
  5. Your webhost will send an “Admin Contact Verification code” to owner.
  6. Enter that code in the webhost
  7. Following instruction by webhost to make purchase (add domain privacy with payment if desired).
  8. Lock the domain name.
  9. Set it to auto-renew if desired.
  10. You may possibly have to wait a few days for the transfer to take place and allow GoDaddy to release the domain name (to give owner a chance to cancel the transfer). ┬áBut GoDaddy has a “transfer out” link that might speed it up.