How to Track a New Website in Google Analytics

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Note that this article was written in July 2013 and the steps may be slightly different if Google changes things around.  But here is the basic idea of how to track a website using Google Analytics.

1. First you need a Google Account — having gmail would do it.

2. Then sign into Google Analytics

3.  Click Admin

4. Click New Account

5. When asked what would you like to track?  Select “Web Site” and select “Universal Analytics” for tracking method.

6. Enter website name, URL, category, Time Zone, and Account Name

7.  Click Get Tracking ID.

8.  Copy and paste Google Analytics tracking code to bottom of each page of your website (just above the closing </body> tag).  The tracking id is a series of numbers and the tracking code is a bit of Javascript code bounded by the <script> and </script> tags.

To find the Google Analytics Tracking ID

1. Go to Google Analytics home.

2. Click on the website property

3.  Click on Admin

4. Then click on Tracking Info tab