How to see WPA key for WiFi connection in Windows 10

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Here is how to find the WPA key that your Windows 10 is using to connect to your WiFi network.

Your Windows 10 is able to connect to your WiFi network.  It may be using a WPA key to connect to your router.  Suppose you have another new device you need to connect to WiFi network.  Of course, you don’t remember what that WPA key is.  But you can “look up” that key on your Windows 10 machine which is able to connect.  Here is how…

  1. Go to Settings -> Network and Internet -> Network and Sharing Center.
  2. Click the “Wi-Fi” link to bring up the WiFi Status dialog
  3. In the Wi-Fi status dialog, click “Wireless Properties”
  4. This brings up the Wireless Network Properties dialog.  Click the “Security” tab.
  5. And your WPA key is in the “Network Security Key” field.
  6. But you need to checkmark “Show Characters” to see it.
WPA key in Windows 10

WPA key in Windows 10


Your Windows 10 remembers this key.  If you want it to forget the key, read this.

If you friend wants to use your Internet on his device and ask for the WiFi WPA key, it is best to turn on your WiFi router’s guest access that uses a separate passphrase and give that instead.  That way the guest WiFi is not able to access the local router access admin URL.  And if his laptop gets stolen, the main WPA passphrase is not found on his laptop.