How to restore a Joomla article that was deleted

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In this tutorial, we will learn how to restore a Joomla article that was deleted.

When you delete an article, it does not get deleted immediately.  Afterall, you did not click the delete button.  You clicked the “Trash” button.  So the article is still sitting in the Joomla Trash, from which it can be retrieved.  The same is true of categories.

To retrieve an article that was trashed…

1. Go to the Content -> Article Manager

2. Click the Search tools.

3. Select “Trashed” from the “select status” droplist as highlighted below…

retrieving trashed article

retrieving trashed article

4.  As you can see, this list all the trashed articles.   Click on the article link to bring up the edit page for the article.

5.  Now you can set the article status back to “unpublished” or “published” etc.   And save.  This moves it out of the trash.