How to Get Backlinks

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Jan 10, 2011
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Backlinks are links on other people’s websites that links to your. In rough generality, the more backlinks you have, the greater weight that Google (and other search engines) gives to your site when using their algorithm to consider where to place your site in their search results.

The best backlinks are when they are given because other people think your content is great and reference your content with a link in the midst of their own content.

Sometimes one may be tempted to purchase backlinks or exchange links. But many experienced blogger tend not to do this. For example, ProBlogger Darren Rowse says in his article that he hasn’t done link exchanges nor bought links, nor begged for being included blogrolls for many year.

Christoper Ross says in his article to avoid “paid links” and “link farms”. This is because search engine will not give your site credit with those kinds of “paid links”.

You may wonder whether and how Google knows that your link is paid or not. They do not know for sure, but their algorithms can often make educated guess. As Jim Boykin says Google may …

“be able to algorithmically detect links that might be paid for on any webpage. Hum…If I were Google..let’s see…how could I tell if a link might be paid for….well I know I can get rid of 90% of them by finding words like “Paid links”, “Sponsors”, Paid Ad”, “Paid Advertising”, etc….and if that word is followed by a bunch of links going to other sites, I’m not sure if I’d trust those links….hum would I trust links in footers and sidebars? would I trust a list of links all going to unrelated places? would I trust a “stand alone link” (a link that’s not part of a sentence)? What else could they find as “flags” that a link is purchased?”

Well, if link exchanges and paying for links is out, how do one go about getting links. You just have to write good content that people want to link to and simply time — time for people to find you and link to you.  Blogging is actually hard work.

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