How to Enable Search Engine Friendly URL

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By default, the WordPress URL looks like shown below with a ? followed by a query string parameter…

non search engine friendly url

This is not very search engine friendly.   It is better to have some keywords in the URL for better search engine optimization.

To do this, go into Admin panel to “Settings -> Permalinks” and select “Post Name” for the permalink settings…

set the permalink to be search-engine-friendly

This is equivalent to setting a custom structure of the permalink to/%postname%/

Now our post page has the URL as shown with the keywords “hello world” in it …

example of search-engine-friendly url

This is an example of search engine friendly URL (also known as SEF URL).

The keywords in the URL can be customized in your individual post by going to edit post and changing the permalink by clicking on the edit button shown…

customize url to search-engine-friendly