How to enable caching in Joomla 3

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In this tutorial, we will enable caching in Joomla 3 to increase performance.

You would go to “System -> Global Configuration -> System”  and set the “Cache Setting” to either …

ON – Conservative caching


ON – Progressive caching

enable joomla caching

enable joomla caching

The Joomla Doc writes that …

Conservative level is for smaller system cache.

Progressive level is for faster, bigger system cache, includes module renderers cache. Not appropriate for extremely large sites.

We set ours to progressive caching because the Joomla Doc says that is the default.

How to Clear Joomla Cache

Once in a while the downside to cache is that when you make a change to the site, it is not immediately reflected.  You can clear the cache by “System -> Clear Cache” and “System -> Purge Expired Cache”.

The difference between the two is as noted in Joomla Doc

Because this process deletes all Cache files, the website may be a little slower immediately after running Clean Cache. Once this process is complete, users lose the benefit of using the cache files until they are re-created by Joomla! to be up to date with your current site.

In contrast, the Purge Expired Cache option will check each Cache file individually for being out of date, but the process is slower and requires more system resources. However, the website should perform close to the same speed for users visiting your site, since all up to date files are still available for your current Joomla! site.