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AngularJS is becoming quite popular.  To help you get started learning, here are some tutorials that I found on the internet.  Many of which, I’ve used myself in my learning of AngularJS.

AngularJS Overview

The official AngularJS videos on YouTube has tons of videos and their tutorial.   There is a free course on Code School.

These two videos ( part 1 and part 2) by Curran Kelleher take you though a good progression of 50 AngularJS examples from ground to more advanced.   You can run and view the code of these example from his github page which also has links to other AngularJS tutorials.

Gordon Zhu 12 part Angular tutorial on building a ToDo list.

Sample demo app MovieHunter by DeborahK on github used in some of her talks.  And her 8 ways of creating a controller.

Google Developer Expert Todd Motto wrote AngularJS Tutorial: A Comprehensive 10,000 Word Guide

AngularJS Directive

ng-newsletter has a good article on custom directive.  AngularJS creator, Misko Hevery, gives a talk on Writing Directives.

For Videos

See my post YouTube videos for learning AngularJS.