Domain Name Registration and Web Hosting with Different Companies

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To have a website, you need two things: (1) a domain name, and (2) web hosting. Although it is preferred that you have your domain name registration done with the same company that is providing you with webhosting, it need not be. It is totally up to you.

In this example, we have a domain name registered with and webhosting with And we will show you how to set this up.

1. First you have to contact your webhost and find out what are their name servers.

2. Then go to GoDaddy -> My Account -> Domains. Click on the domain to the “Domain Details” page. Click on the “Set Nameservers” link. Set the name servers to the one provided by your webhost. There is usually two name servers.

set name servers

set name servers

3. Then in Hostmonster, go to “Domain Manager” and click on “Assign a domain to your cPanel account”.

4. In the “Assign Domain” page, select “Use a domain that is not associated with your account” and type in the domain name.

assign domain

assign domain

Hostmonster will then verify on the spot whether the name server is set correctly. Sometimes you might need to wait a couple of hours after setting the name servers.

5. If you want this domain name to be a new separate website, choose “Addon Domain” and have it create a new “addon directory”.

This will then be the directory in which you would upload files for the site.

Disclosure: Article was written August 2011 and is only opinion at the time of writing. Author has received compensation from some of the links as well as the banner ads and other third party systems contained within content.