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What you need to learn to be a good front-end web developer?

Blog Mar 17, 2014

In the old days (like a decade ago), all you need to know to be a good front-end web developer is HTML, CSS, some Javascript, and how to upload them to traditional webhost using FTP. Now (like in the...

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Newsletter Services Better Than WordPress Newsletter Plugins

Blog Oct 13, 2013

This is just my opinion.  Of course, there might be times when you might want to use a WordPress Newsletter Plugin.  But often, if you are planning to run a serious  newsletter campaigns and have...

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What is the Best Model-View Javascript Framework to starting learning first?

Blog Oct 8, 2013

Once you know HTML/CSS and the basics of Javascript, what’s next?   Next would be to learn a Javascript library.  jQuery is what I would recommend, because it is so heavily used...

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Why CSS Tutorials Don’t Say What Version of Chrome?

Blog Sep 21, 2013

Have you ever looked up a CSS property reference on the web.  For example, the CSS3 background-size property described on W3Schools.com.  You want to know what browser version supports this CSS...

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Some eCommerce Options

Blog Oct 17, 2011

If you want an eCommerce website, some options to explorer might be … BigCommerce.com prostores.com Yahoo Small Business wufoo.com eCommerce...

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Google Does Not Consider Meta Keywords Tag

Blog Oct 5, 2011

The meta keywords tag is the tag that looks like this in the head section of a webpage … <meta name="keywords" content="tutorials, tutorial" > where webmasters can insert keywords of...

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W3C Validation does not boost SEO

Blog Oct 5, 2011

Some people say that webpages that passes W3C validation helps with SEO. Others say that it does not. Matt Cutts, software engineer at Google on SEO says that W3C validation does give any extra...

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Secure your TimThumb now!

Blog Aug 3, 2011

timthumb.php is an image resizing script that is used in many packaged WordPress and other themes. This include WordPress themes such as previous versions of ElegantThemes.com. ElegantTheme has...

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More SmartPhones Sold than PCs

Blog Jul 16, 2011

Research IDC firm found that in last quarter of 2010, there were more smartphones sold than PCs — 100.9 million smartphones shipped versus 92.1 million PCs.  For 2010, over 297 million...

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