Articles and Resources on Learning HTML5

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To learn more about HTML5, Wikipedia’s entry of HTML 5 is a good place to start. It provides a quick overview, history, and summary of what HTML5 is all about. In addition, Wikipedia’s content are often kept up-to-date.

If you need to look at the official spec, then the W3C is the place to go. Start with the Overview. For looking up the various elements of HTML 5, W3C has a reference. It also explains the difference between HTML 5 and HTML 4 — which is good for anyone who already knows HTML 4 and just want to see what is new in HTML 5.

Sometimes spec are difficult to read, especially if you are just learning. Because specs are typically written in exacting terminology targeted for the experienced professional who has already been in the field. (no relations to W3C) is a good tutorial and reference site for the general public that is easier to read. It has an HTML 5 tutorial and HTML 5 tag reference. also comes to the rescue by dymystifying the HTML 5 spec

Another reference on uses a frameset that has a list of elements and attributes on the left frame where you can click to get the details of the element in the right frame.

HTML introduces some new HTML tags that are not present in HTML 5. IBM has an article that explains some of these new elements. An article on A List Apart that shows some good pictures of the new HTML structural element. (Although the article is dated december 2007).

The creation of HTML 5 is not without its politics. You can hear some of this politics on Sitepoint podcast #44 titled “HTML5 is a (Beautiful) Mess”