Adding background image to WordPress theme

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In this tutorial, we add a background image to the Twenty Fourteen wordpress theme.  We got our image from and cropped it to our liking.  It might be good to have a vertical image for background.

1. In WordPress dashboard, go to Appearance -> Customize.

2. Under “Background Image” click the down arrow.

customize with background image

customize with background image

3.  You can click the link “select a file” to open up a file select dialog box to select a file to upload from your computer.   Or you can drag the background image to the dotted drop area.

4.  For the background image options, select “Tile” for the background repeat.  Select “Right” for the “Background Position”.  And select “fixed” for the “Background attachment.

5.  Then click the “Save & Publish” blue button.

6.  Refresh the browser and see the background image of a sunset tiled on the right of the page.

background image tiled

background image tiled

In order to see the background image, you have to widen your browser wide enough so that it is wider than page width.  Otherwise you won’t see it.