How to Access MySQL Database Using phpMyAdmin

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If your webhost has cpanel administration interface, then you can access the MySQL database through phpMyAdmin

1. Log into your webhost cpanel.

2. Click on the phpMyAdmin icon …

phpmyadmin cpanel

3. It may ask for the username and password to the database….

phpmyadmin login password

If you don’t know it or forgotten it, you can click the link “Reset Password” shown above. It will not reveal the password to you, but you can set it to another password.

4. On the left column you will see a list of databases including one that is called “information_schema”. The “information_schema” would not be the one you want. Click on the database that you want to access.

5. Then you should see list of database tables for this database on the left. These are the wordpress tables.

wordpress database

6. Click on one of the tables such as “wp_posts”, and you will see the records of that table on the right as shown above.